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Glue Pumps for Labelling Machines

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  • developed for the pumping of glue in labelling machines

  • no leakage because of special construction

  • extremely durable and low-maintenance

  • integrated heating

  • quick heating up to the pre-programmed temperature

  • low pulsation since the glue is conveyed upstroke as well as downstroke

  • low noise

  • great display panel with actual and set value

  • good exhaustion of the remaining glue

  • no contamination of the glue by labels or glass (prevented by a special double filter system)

  • simple handling

  • space-saving construction

  • new on the market since year 2000

  • important parts are made of stainless steel

  • air-operated piston pump

  • many thousand pumps operating in labeling machines wordwide

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We are manufacturers of glue pumps especially for labelling machines. glue pump for labeling machines

Piston pumps for wet glue labelers. We manufacture piston pumps which are used for wet glue labelers.

Glue pumps for labeling machines made by Timmer-Pneumatik. We are a leading german manufacturer of air driven pneumatic piston pumps which are used to pump glue in labeling machines. pump, labelling, label, labels, bottle, bottles, brewerie, breweries